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Our Dance Philosophy

A strong commitment to artistic integrity taught in a positive, nurturing atmosphere. If you want to dance for fun, dance for development and fitness, or dance for professional work - look no further! Whatever your goals, we can help you achieve them. Dance your way to happy body and a healthier life. 


A student's physical and mental fitness is enhanced by the regular exercise and love of movement which dance gives them. Whether it can be classical moves in ballet, rhythmic moves in tap, the more contemporary steps of jazz and hip hop or the strenuous activities of acrobatic classes, dance builds a strength of body and character which will be with the student forever. We offer a wide range of classes from the introductory level for the beginners, through our company level classes for the serious dancer. In between can be found a full selection of intermediate classes and recreational classes to fill the needs of virtually any requirement.


Register for classes by either filling out our online registration form or print out the registration form and mail in.  If you have any questions please call 585-227-1111 or 585-227-6413.

The Marilyn Schneider School of Dance has emerged as a leading force in Rochester’s dance community. The award winning Marilyn Schneider dancers have performed in New York City, Boston, Florida, New Orleans, California, Pittsburgh and Las Vegas. Dance graduates have also been accepted by the finest college and universities. Many alumni have enjoyed successful careers on Broadway, ballet companies, television, music videos, movies, and commercials. At America’s most prestigious dance competitions, our dancers have consistently won scholarships and awards.

The Benefits of Dance

Dancing consists of many physical education and fitness aspects which every girl and boy can benefit from later in life. Dancing improves motor skills (coordination, balance, speed, agility and power) and four fitness components (muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, strength and flexibility). Social and personal skills are developed by working alone or with others (in a group setting). Most importantly, students of dance learn discipline and respect for one's self, their peers and instructors.

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More Than Just Great Dancing

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