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Bernard and Ethelyn Caccamise Memorial Scholarship

We remember Bernard and Ethelyn Schneider


The Bernard and Ethelyn Schneider Memorial Scholarship was established by Marilyn in June 2022, in memory of her parents. Marilyn’s mom, Ethelyn, passed away in February 2022 and until her death had been an integral part of MSSOD since its beginning. Ethelyn helped choose music to fit the theme of the recital, helped choose costumes, proof the program, write many opening parodies, wrote the words to our closing theme song, and was a fixture at final check every year. The only thing she did not do was dance! She was loved by everyone, and she loved watching the dancers grow and their talent improve with each passing year.


Marilyn’s dad, Bernard, was a handyman who could build and fix almost everything. He built 4 studios for Marilyn (2 in-home), as well as build scenery, and even helped park cars on recital day. He, too, was known and loved by MSSOD families for over 20 years.


Marilyn’s parents believed in, and taught loyalty to Marilyn and her brother. They were loyal in every way: to their faith, their church, their family and friends, to work, their neighbors and to every business they valued.


“My parents gave me the amazing opportunity to follow my dreams as a teacher and as a studio owner. They supported me in every endeavor and I am forever grateful.” The memorial scholarship in their name will be given to recipients who share this wonderful trait of loyalty in their everyday life.

2023 Winner: Kim Muscato and family

Past Winners

2022 -- Sue Drake and family (Kim and Adriana Persica)

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