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Ashley Nagle
Community Service Award

Ashley joined our MSSOD family as a happy 3-year old in September 2012. She was a darling, smiley little girl who loved dancing like a princess. In October 2012, she started to become unstable on her feet and she fell in class. That weekend, she continued stumbling and tripping at home. Her parents took to the doctor and she was admitted to the hospital for an MRI. The results showed a brain stem tumor that was inoperable. She began chemotherapy, and for a few months did fairly well; she even went to Disney World and met all her Princess friends.


However, by March, her condition had worsened and she soon lost her ability to walk, have any upper body strength, talk or even smile. Ashley gained her wings on September 1, 2013 at the age of four.


Throughout Ashley’s battle, the MSSOD family was very supportive with fundraisers, many cards and gifts, dinners for the family, and home visits to brighten her day.


In Ashley’s memory, we began a “Community Service Scholarship Award” to a studio dancer who helped brighten Ashley’s life during her illness, as well as others in need.


MSSOD will never forget our favorite princess, Ashley!

2023 Winner

Alexandria Baldassare

Past Winners:

2022 – Kiera Oppelt

2021 – Nicholas Guarino

2020 – Victoria Baldassare

2019 – Kristine Burns

2018 – Hannah Bardeen

2017 – Samantha Muscato

2016 – Callieanne Moran

2015 – Elizabeth Robinson

2014 – Sabrina Sapor

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